SecDevOps - Security Engineer:

I presently work on Cloud, Application, SSDLC and pipeline security.


  1. Bug Bounty journey published in Hakin9 magazine
  2. Active bug bounty hunter - Synack Inc
  3. Hall of fames and bounty listings - Nykaa, Pepsico, Ebay, Postmates, etc.
  4. Speaker - cyber security
  5. Paytm star award
  6. EY kudos award
  7. Google Grace Hopper Scholarship
  8. 2nd prize - Smart India Hackathon 2018 (all over India)
  9. 2nd prize - Smart India Hackathon 2017 (all over India)
  10. 2 research publications: Privacy Monitoring and Restriction Algorithm, Monitoring And Filtering Of Traffic Data Using Big Data For DDoS

When I’m free:

I enjoy reading books by Rick Riordan and Dan Brown. I love travelling and gaining new experiences in life. You will find me reading historical facts of Roman empire, Greek Gods and rulers, Indian heritage, etc.